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Organic Chesnok Red Garlic

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organic garlic seedOrganic Chesnok Red Garlic Seed

Purple Stripe garlic Variety




Chesnok Red was "discovered" in Shvelisi, Republic of Georgia in 1985.  Because of this it is also know as "Shvelisi". 

These garlic bulbs are white on the outside, with red tinged cloves on the inside.

8-10 cloves per garlic bulb.

This is a hardneck garlic variety.

Very productive.  Will produce true seed.

Excellent type for mid storage season and actually develops a deeper depth of character.

Chesnok Red certainly fits into the gourmet class with Sunset Magazine, Martha Stewart and Rodale all giving it the thumbs up in the best-baking garlic category.

Large easy to peel cloves.

Excellent baked.  Delicious when chopped and sauteed to a straw color. 

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