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Contest Rules

Send us your high quality digital photos  We need photos to not only help fill in the catalog, but to show off what everyone has been growing.  Even if there is already a photo in our catalog we would much rather have an actual customer photo.  Send in your photo. If we use it we will credit your name/state on the photo and you will also be entered in our contest to win a $100 gift certificate good for any of our products.  All names will be entered in a drawing to be held May 16th.  To be notified please include your phone number in your email or we can just email you, but it is more fun to talk to ya!  By sending us your photo you are giving us permission to edit the photo and to use it on any of our webs and paper materials such as catalogs or brochures.

We Want You to Share Your Experience  This is where you come in!  We want you to share your knowledge with the world!  We have purposely chosen this software package so that you may leave comments on each variety.  In fact I'm going to encourage you to do this by monthly selecting a random comment (author) and giving them a $25 gift certificate!  Next year we will take the most descriptive comments and add them to our paper catalog.  You could see your name in print!  It is easy; below every listed variety you will see a field to leave you comment.  Be sure to put your full name and state so we can track you down in our database if you win our monthly drawing!  By adding your comments you are giving us your permission to use them on this website and paper catalogs.

Thank you so much for your interest in our little seed company.  Please email me any questions or comments on how you think we can better server you.