Placing  an order

Q: How do I place an order online?

A: The easiest way to place an order is through our website: www.sustainableseedco.com. Once you create an account by clicking 'register' on the right hand side of the page, you can add items to your cart and check out using a credit card or Paypal. You can choose your shipping method, First Class is 2-7 days, Priority Mail will take 2-3 days. If you have trouble with the website, you can call us at 707-703-1242, or mail in an order to PO Box 38, Covelo, Ca 95428.


Q: Where is the shopping cart  or check-out button located on the website? How to find shopping cart? How to check out?

A: The "your cart" button is located on the top right hand corner of the website below the logo and phone number. When you click the "your cart" button, you will be able to view what is in your cart. Here is a link to the shopping cart page. Under the last item in your cart will be the checkout button. http://sustainableseedco.com/cart.php


Shipping Questions

Q: How much is shipping? What are the shipping options?

A: For the exact price on shipping, add the item(s) to your cart and continue to the checkout screen. Once you type in your address you in the checkout screen, you will be given shipping options with USPS and Fed-Ex. You will be able to see shipping cost before you pay for your order. Shipping options include USPS: First class mail, Small flat rate Envelope, etc and Fed Ex Home delivery.

Q: Do you ship Internationally?

A: We do ship seeds internationally.  We also offer a phytosanitary certificate which may be required by your country's customs laws.  you can find and pay for your phytosanitary certicate at this link: http://sustainableseedco.com/phytosanitary-certificate-fee.html

Canadian Customers prior to January 2012 were able to have shipments arrive without many issues.  As a result of changing laws though, many shipments have been stopped or rejected at the border.  As we understand it, there is no need for a phytosanitary certificate if "the net quantity of the seed for each lot (all packages of a lot added together) exceeds a small lot (500 grams or less for small seeded crop types or 54kg or less for large seeded crop types)"  For more information you can refer to the following document:  http://www.inspection.gc.ca/plants/seeds/imports/abcs-of-importation/eng/1347740952226/1347741389113


Payment Options

Q: What kinds of payment methods are available online? 

A: The payment methods we accept are PayPal and Credit card. We accept the following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, JCB and Diners Club.


Q: Can I pay using money order or check?

A: Yes we accept both money orders and check. The process required to use these payment options is as follows: add items to your shopping cart online as you would if you were shopping online. Once all items are placed in the cart, print out a copy of the shopping cart. Then proceed to checkout and type in your address. Print out this page. Please include the total cost of order plus shipping on money order or checks. Then send the printed pages and money order or check to us at our address. Please Note: Orders by mail can take 7 to 10 business days longer than regular orders, though most ship within a week. If items are out of stock once your order arrives, we will contact you to offer replacements.

Q: Can I order by mail?

A: To order by mail: Make a list of all the items you wish to purchase, include the size and price of each item. You can use our website to make this list for you by adding all your desired items to a shopping cart, then view the cart and print it. You can use our website to calculate the correct shipping price for your area and order. Once all items are added to your shopping cart, go to the checkout screen and enter your shipping address. Choose the shipping option you want and include that dollar amount along with the cost of your seeds.

Please mail your order and check or money order to:

Sustainable Seed Co.
355 E 20th St.
Chico, CA 95929

Please Note: Orders by mail can take 7 to 10 business days longer than regular orders, though most ship within a week. If items are out of stock once your order arrives, we will contact you to offer replacements.


Seed Questions

Q: How many tobacco seeds are in a seed packet?

A: There are approximately 100 or more tobacco seeds in each seed packet.


Q: Are your seeds chemically treated?

A: We don’t chemically treat our seeds and since we don't buy from out of country the USDA does not treat our seed like many seed companies. Don't assume that if a company uses the word "heirloom" that it is grown here in the US. In fact we get hundreds of emails from companies in China and India trying to sell us cheap chemically treated "heirloom" seed.


Q: How long will my seeds last?

A: The shelf life of the seeds varies based on the individual seeds.  Onions and Carrots are the earliest at 2 years under usual storage conditions.  If stored in a refrigerator the shelf life could be extended possibly to 4-5 years.  The other seeds vary from 3-7 years under normal conditions, allowing for much longer if kept in a refrigerator.  Freezing is problematic as the seeds if not properly dried can be killed through the freezing process - refrigeration is a better bet.

Seeds do need cool places for extended storage, but if you have any doubt that the seeds have any moisture, please do not freeze them - either keep them in a cool basement or garage or in your refrigerator as the freezing could possibly kill them. Adding silica gel to the container they're in will help to remove any harmful moisture from the seeds prolonging their lives further. (Silica gel packets can be purchased on our website: http://sustainableseedco.com/Silica-Gel-Desiccants.html)

Q: Can I buy seeds to eat or make into food?

A: We are licensed to sell seed, not food for human consumption.  We do not sell anything for human consumption. The seeds are only sold for planting.


Q: Do you sell bulk or wholesale items?

A: Yes, we do sell wholesale and bulk heirloom seed. We carry heirloom flower, herb and vegetable seeds in bulk for many of the heirloom seed varieties we have. Bulk prices are found on most of the variety pages. All you need do is look for the drop down menu on each of the varieties individual pages and find the quantity your are looking for.For more information please visit http://sustainableseedco.com/xcms_entry.php?xcmsentryid=11.


Q:  Are you affiliated with Monsanto(Seminis), or Syngenta (click "wholesale home garden").  Are you listed as a dealer/reseller of these companies?  Click any of these links (to the left) and check for yourself what seed companies are on the list.  We are not.

Answer:  We get asked this question several times a day.   ABSOLUTELY NOT!  We are a family owned business founded in 2009. We 100% oppose GE crops and their wreckless contamination of other valuable food crops/environment.  In fact the whole reason this company was founded was to protect seed.


Q:   Are you Certified Organic?

Answer:  Yes, we are certified organic seed handlers and the farm itself is USDA Certified Organic.   However, we do sell both conventional grown seed and organic seed to meet the needs of all or our organic heirloom seeds for sale vegetable seed catalogcustomers.

Question:  How are you different from other organic heirloom seed companies?

Answer:  First off it is important to note that there are VERY few Organic + Heirloom seed companies out there.  Meaning most of the seed companies out there sell heirloom vegetable seeds, but Very few sell Certified Organic Heirloom Seeds.  Click here to read about the difference.   However, to further answer the question one of the most important distinctions about Sustainable Seed Company is we actually sustainably farm and grow many of our own organic heirloom seeds right here on our certified organic farm.  Very few seed companies do this and in fact none to our knowledge use green technology like our wind turbine and solar panels to sustain our farm's energy needs.  We are a company with one foot in the past and our eye on the future.  We remember the lessons our grandparents taught us and embrace the green technology of tomorrow for those that follow in our footsteps.  We want to leave the world a cleaner and greener place then how we found it.  Yes, you can produce food and seed without the use of Genetically Engineered crops, toxic pesticides and destructive herbicides.  We are changing the world one seed at a time!


Q:  What is the best way to contact you?

Answer:  Through our support center.  This program allows us to assign your particular problem or question immediately to the right person.  Since we are an internet based company we check our emails many times during the day.  This also allows us to track the question and resolve any issues on the whole quickly.  90% of the time you will get a much faster email response then you will get a phone response. 


organic heirloom seed catalogQ:  Don't you think you are loosing a great deal of biz by not printing a paper catalog?

Answer:  By far this is the most heated and talked about decision we have made as a company.  We knew taking a stance against paper catalogs was not going to to be easy as people have been doing it this way for over a 175 years.   However, anytime someone does a "first" it can be very controversial.  Our environmental reasons are clearly lined out on our page as why we do not print a catalog.  There are other reasons as well that are not as impactful as our green ones, but are important as well and may appeal to people's practical side instead of the green fuzzy side.  For example; having an on-line catalog allows us to update quantities on rare seeds immediately.  This is important as you NEVER get a refund check with your order saying sorry we are out of that or here is a substitution...sorry it is not what you really wanted!   We all know how frustrating that is, but did you ever think that someone has a full time job of writing all those refund checks, opening the envelopes, interpreting people's handwriting on the orders, hand processing them into the system and fulfilling them?  In truth we would need to hire two more people just to handle this.   We currently only have 4 full time employees!   That is a huge increase in labor cost that we cannot afford and keep seed packets at our very low rate of $1.99

Comments on FAQ

Jackie Eastom 02-05-2016 06:35 AM
Thanks for your prompt shipping,my seeds arrived earlier than expected and I'm excited to get them started.the website was easy to navigate and I found seeds here I could not locate elsewhere .it been a real pleasure.
Don 08-19-2014 06:03 AM
Wondering which tobacco plants do well in central Florida and when to plant?
Roger Cairns 07-29-2014 01:46 PM
Is it possible to grow amaranth in South California? If so, what is the best kind of soil to plant in - clay or sandy? Thank you.
Doug 06-01-2014 07:39 AM
How is the drought affecting SS farm?
Bernard Kirembu 02-09-2014 10:56 PM
Can a Farmer plant Cinderella Pumpkins and Sugar Pie pumpkins in the same field without risking cross pollination and subsequent change of quality? Regards.

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