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Deluxe Bug Out Seed Bag™

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25 Varieties for your HEALTH
4,000 seeds for your SURVIVAL
30% off retail for your SAVINGS
2,500 pounds of food for your FAMILY

Urban and suburban survival will require advance thinking, decisive action and fast movement.  In a crisis situation, you'll need to move FAST.  You will have to get your family to safety.  You'll only be taking the absolute bare necessities.  You'll be bringing food to eat, water to drink and other essential supplies.

Once you get to where you're going, though, you'll need to start planning for the long term.  The  Bug Out Seed Bag™ easily fits inside a knapsack or backpack and is exactly what you need for long-term success and survival. 

Our seed is dried down to 10-12% moisture levels for maximum storability.  Comes with a silica packet inside to ensure that critical moisture level.   

It contains 25 different varieties of vegetables and herbs that will not only feed you and your family but give you essential barter items for those things you need from others.

You get five more varieties than our competitors for a lower price and it comes with a seed saving book sealed inside!  


"A 'bug-out bag' is a portable kit that contains the items one would require to survive for seventy-two hours according to Wiki. This is the backpack you grab when natural or economic disaster strikes and get out of town with what you can carry on your back."

No room for a big heirloom seed bank in a backpack, but wherever you eventually settle, you will need to sow the seeds of life-giving food.


  • 25 varieties of heirloom vegetable seeds; not 20 types like the competition.  You save money and get more seed!   Why?  Because we are not just resellers of seed, but actual farmers of seed.  We can control not only the price, but the quality/freshness, unlike seed resellers that must take what they are sold and pass it on to you.

  • Sealed in a space age mylar bag for absolute freshness, but will not cramp your bug-out backpack.  Soft sided and easy to pack, unlike other seed banks in hard metal/plastic cans.  Space saving size that is easy to store in your refrigerator or freezer until needed.

  • We spend thousands of dollars germ testing our seed in State laboratories.  Our heirloom seed exceeds Federal Germination Standards.

  • Each heirloom seed packet contains exact planting instructions for your success.  No simple mailing labels stuck on envelopes like our competitors.  We have real seed packets with actual instructions because we are a real seed company!

  • We do not sell anything but seed and we are EXCELLENT at what we do.  After all we ARE American seed farmers.  Our seed is harvested fresh from our farm and kept in climate controlled, refrigerated storage, unlike survival seed companies operating out of spare bedrooms and hot/humid garages. 

You can live without a lot of things, but you can't live without food.  Don't be caught without a way to produce more food. You need a heirloom seed bank that is light and portable!  You need a Bug Out Seed Bag™

Included Heirloom Varieties Number of Seeds   Included Heirloom Varieties Number of Seeds
Detroit Dark Red Beet over 200 emergency heirloom seeds   California Wonder Bell Pepper over 30 emergency heirloom seeds
Waltham Broccoli over 275 emergency heirloom seeds   Cayenne Long Red Pepper over 30 emergency heirloom seeds
Golden Acre Cabbage over 200 emergency heirloom seeds   Small Sugar Pumpkin over 32 emergency heirloom seeds
Danvers 126 Carrot  over 600 emergency heirloom seeds   Cherry Belle Radish over 300 emergency heirloom seeds
Reid's Yellow Dent Corn over 50 emergency heirloom seeds   Bloomsdale Spinach over 300 emergency heirloom seeds
Ruby Red Chard over 180 emergency heirloom seeds   Black Beauty Zucchini over 35 emergency heirloom seeds
Lemon Cucumber over 30 emergency heirloom seeds   Early Prolific Straight Squash over 25 emergency heirloom seeds
Hard Red Wheat over 450 emergency heirloom seeds   Spaghetti Squash over 30 emergency heirloom seeds
Dwarf Blue Curled Kale over 250 emergency heirloom seeds   Large Red Cherry Tomato over 25 emergency heirloom seeds
Bibb Lettuce over 300 emergency heirloom seeds   Golden Bantam Corn over 50 emergency heirloom seeds
Sugar Baby Watermelon over 40 emergency heirloom seeds   Garden Shelling Pea over 50 emergency heirloom seeds
Honey Rock Melon over 35 emergency heirloom seeds   Tokyo White Bunching Onion over 300 emergency heirloom seeds
Genovese Italian Basil over 500 emergency heirloom seeds      
      Total:  4000+ Heirloom Seeds!


Why Open Pollinated Seeds?

Open Pollinated or Heirloom seeds are what you want if you need to survive!  You can plant a seed, let the plant grow up and produce seeds and then plant those seeds next year and be assured you'll get the same plant.  Hybrids and GMO seeds won't do that.  Only Open Pollinated and Heirloom will save you and your family in a crisis.

Why a REAL Heirloom Seed Company?

Others out there simply buy seed from goodness knows where and repackage it.  We're different - We have a CERTIFIED ORGANIC farm and grow seeds on it.  Rest assured that we stand by our reputation - these seeds meet stringent federal guidelines.  Most other "survival seed" packages out there don't have the same strict regulations we have to adhere to.

We also sell over 1,500 varieties so we can choose the BEST, most VERSATILE varieties to ensure your gardening success.

Mylar Foil Survival SeedsAs a REAL seed company, we include detailed planting instructions on EVERY seed package we sell.  We also offer a wealth of information on our website, with tips and pitfalls to avoid for growing different types of seed - what "survival seed" company can offer that?

Why Mylar Foil Bags? 

Our Mylar bag packs flat, so it can fit easily in your backpack; triple layered protection from moisture, sunlight and radiation.  We remove most of the moisture from these seeds ENSURING that they will be viable for longer - most other companies just throw the seeds in a sealed bag without regard for the rot/mold factor!

Deluxe Bug Out Bag Comes with...Saving Vegetable Seeds by Fern Marshall Bradley, 91 pages (The book is sealed inside!)

It is not enough that you have the seed. It is imperative that you understand how to save your seed, as your very life may depend on it. Many vegetables will cross pollinate. If you blindly save seed you will not necessarily have something edible next year. Learn how to save seed! Knowledge is the key to survival success that is why we offer this book. No one else does this.

With the easy-to-read book, Saving Vegetable Seeds, you will become more self-sufficient by saving your own seed from one year to the next.  In this book, the skills necessary to seed saving are clarified.  You'll find out how to select the best plants, make seed saving a part of your garden plan, saving both wet and dry seed, overwinter biennial crops like carrots, store seeds, and testing viability before planting.  A crop-by-crop guide explains the details of saving the seeds of beans, carrots, corn, cucumbers, lettuce, melons and watermelons, onions and leeks, peas, peppers, radishes, squash, and tomatoes.

This illustrated, step-by-step guide shows you how to save seeds from 20 of the most popular vegetable garden plants, including beans, carrots, peas, peppers, and tomatoes. You'll learn how each plant is pollinated (key to determining how the seed should be saved), how to select the seeds to collect, and how to process and store collected seeds. Grow the varieties you love, year after year!

saving seed

This is also an excellent way to start a garden with a big savings.  These seeds packets are normally $2.29 each   In this deal you get 25 varieties for $1.19 each!  That is a $27.50 savings on the seed alone! 

If this your first time gardening, buy two - one to save, and one for planting right now.   Gardening isn't just throwing seeds in the ground.  You need to learn how to grow vegetables.

We offer discount pricing on multiple Bug Out Bags because they make great future barter items just like tobacco seed and many people give them to loved ones. 

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