Dry or Soup Peas

Tips for Planting Heirloom Soup Peas

Heirloom organic peas love rich, sandy, well drained loam that is slightly alkaline.

Remember not to plant your peas in cold wet soil or they will rot and never geminate.  Normally, you are safe to plant pea seeds about 2-3 weeks before your last frost in well drained soil or raised rows/beds. 

IF you have never had peas or other legumes growing in your soil, then inoculating them will be very important for good germination. 

Most heirloom pea varieties benefit from a trellis.  This can be string, old tomato cages, brush, bamboo....just use your imagination.  We tell people to use a tall type of oat to trellis you peas on.  These organic oats can be tilled under later to add biomass to your soil and give good soil structure. 

Plant peas in the early spring and in the late fall.  Remember, peas do not like hot weather. 

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