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Landscaping Earth Ponds and Earth Ponds DVD


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Landscaping Earth Ponds and Earth Ponds DVD

The Complete Guide

by  Tim Matson


Now from the earth pond guru
comes the DVD with the book!

 Not only can you see what Tim Matson writes about in his book Landcaping Earth Ponds, you can also learn tips on Farm and Garden, Swimming, Skating, Fire Protection, Fishing, Hydro Power, Waterfowl, Fish Farming, and Wildlife Protection.

Tim Matson explains how to site, design, shape, and plant these beloved fixtures of rural landscapes—and make them fit your property and your life.

In the decades since he wrote his acclaimed Earth Ponds, Tim Matson has designed scores of ponds, each unique to its site and its owners. In Landscaping Earth Ponds, he shares what he has learned to make these captivating ponds truly fit into their landscapes and into the lives and lifestyles of their owners.

Ponds have long been valued for their charm and utility: how else can you simultaneously enliven your landscape, create recreational opportunities, help the environment, and increase your property value? Earth ponds are increasingly recognized for the full range of gardening, landscaping, and ecological promise they hold. As pond-building methods have been perfected, more homeowners are restoring existing ponds or digging new ones. With dozens of color photographs, Matson shows you how to site a pond in right relation to your house, offering surprisingly simple ways to visually link the two.

His proven methods and designs reflect the many moods water evokes. Screen your pond for privacy, create a sandy beach and natural diving platform, encourage wetland gardens, line the shores with moisture-loving perennials, or design your gardens and paths to create a sense of mystery and adventure.


About the Author

Tim Matson

Tim Matson is an award winning writer, photographer, and author of the best selling Earth Ponds series of books and videos. He is a veteran of the U.S. Army, and worked as an editor at a major publishing house in New York before moving to Vermont in the early Seventies. Mountain Brew, his first book, was one of the first to pioneer the craft beer movement, and his collection of dance photographs of the Pilobolus Dance Theatre, published by Random House, received two awards from the American Institute for Graphic Arts. Other books include Country Planet, and Round Trip to ...

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