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Arroyo Lupine

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Arroyo Lupine

Lupinus Succulentus

3 gram packet contains ~100 seeds
Arroyo Lupine is an annual that can grow to waist high with beautiful blue flowers. It has a deep root system and can do well in heavy soils and is often seen thriving in disturbed areas.  It flowers from late winter to mid-spring in coastal California.  Arroyo Lupine is persistent once established because it produces a high percentage of hard seed.
Growing lupineis rather simple.  Spread the seeds on prepared ground in late fall or early winter. Take the back of the rake and lightly press the seeds in the soil. You can also spread a thin layer of straw to keep birds from eating your seeds.  
Seedlings should emerge within the first few weeks.    
If  you wait to plant until spring and the weather becomes rather warm and dry, you may need to water the seedlings to keep them alive.
In many areas, rainwater will be enough to keep them alive after they have emrged. Roots of the lupine can stretch up to 3 feet deep, by the time they are flowering.
Seed Saving
Once flowering is done, the soil needs to dry out.  This allows the seeds to mature – including the last stage of drying out.   If you continue to water, you’ll not get a good seed crop.
Max Seeding rate:
1 OZ ~48 sq. ft
1/4 lb ~194 sq. ft
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