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Covelo California

Where we live and work!

Covelo is a small town located in the center of the Round Valley.   It is located in Mendocino County California.  The Round Valley's estimated population is about 3,700 people.  Although it is only 38 miles from Hwy 101, the winding road to get here will take you along rivers and through mountains.   The journey itself takes about an hour and keeps the Round Valley protected/isolated from the hustle and bustle of the modern world.   It is a destination.  You don't just pass through as the road ends in the Valley and anyone that lives here enjoys that fact.  The community is small, but very well suited for an agricultural lifestyle.  The mountains that protect the valley are a haven for wildlife such as Elk, Black Bear, Bald Eagles, Mountain Lions, Deer, Bobcats and the Salmon are returning to the rivers/creeks.


History:  Covelo, CA is located in the Round Valley.  The Yuki Indians have historically occupied this area for generations.  Anglo setters first made their way here in the 1840s/1850s following the California Gold Rush.  The U.S. Government created a reservation here in 1852.  The area is well known for its local cattle ranches. 


Rental housing is not easy to come by here as most people own their homes in this small community, but rentals do exist.  A good place to start your search is Summit Realty.  Another good place is our community bulletin board or run a free ad on our local community radio station saying that you are looking for a place to rent.

Summit Realty has an office in Covelo.  They have listings for sale and rent.


Many More Photos of the farm and Round Valley can be found here


Elk in Round Valley CAPublic Services:

KYBU local radio station

Chamber of Commerce

Round Valley Indian Health/Dental Center :  Open to all people.  This is our local dentist and health care.

Round Valley Indian Tribes

Round Valley Water Dist.

School System

Fire Department/Ambulance

Sheriff's Office

Other Farms:

Live Power Farm

"Founded in 1973 by Stephen and Gloria Decater, Live Power Community Farm is a 40-acre, solar electric and horse-powered, diversified, certified biodynamic farm. Four acres are devoted to an intensive vegetable garden hosting some 60 varieties of vegetables and herbs. We use a glasshouse and cold frames to propagate vegetable and flower transplants, and grow home orchard fruits and field and forage crops for hay, grain, and pasture. Animal husbandry includes draft horses, dairy and beef cows, feeder pigs, sheep, and laying hens. We butcher and process meat animals, and bake bread in our outdoor, wood-fired brick oven.

The farm is located at about 1,400 feet elevation in Round Valley in Mendocino County, California. The valley, with a local population of about 3,000, has the largest Native American reservation in California and is surrounded by the Eel River and the Mendocino National Forest. Local agriculture includes cattle and hay raising and small organic herb and fruit growing. It is hot and dry during the summer, with winter rains from November to March.

Since 1978, apprentices have been part of our farm community. Just as we once learned from the agricultural visionary Alan Chadwick, we now continue that tradition by teaching adults of all ages from the United States and abroad in work-study programs lasting from three months to three years."

Covelo Organics

Fraisier Family Farms

Covelo Quilt Show

Things To Do:

Covelo HayNorth Fork Cafe and open mike night


National Forest

Approximately 100,650 acres of the Middle Eel-Yolla Bolly Wilderness Area is located on the District. There are four improved campgrounds (Hammerhorn, Eel River, Little Doe and Howard Lake Recreation Area) on the District and numerous hunter campsites.

Black Butte River Ranch

Blackberry Festival

Movie Night

Round Valley Rodeo

Social Groups

Round Valley Sustainability Guild

 Local Food Strengthens Our Community.    The Round Valley Sustainability Guild, RVSG, formed in September of 2009 by way of a grant from the California Endowment Fund sponsored by the Round Valley Indian Health Center, Inc.  The task at hand for the Guild is to recreate and revitalize opportunities for local, healthy and sustainable small farm food production.  To learn more about RVSG read our Mission Statement.  Some of the Guilds current projects are supporting the Round Valley Schools Summer Garden Club and facilitating the development of a local meat processing center for Mendocino County.  Community involvement keeps the Guild flourishing.  There are many opportunities to participate with the RVSG.

Plen Air Art Group

Lions Club



Marjo Wilson

Blackberry Jammers


Local Business

Covelo's main shopping and business centers are Willits (45 miles) and Ukiah (65 miles). San Francisco and Eureka are within 3 1/2 hours travel time over an excellent highway. There is an airport (Mendocino County Airport) located the town of Covelo, has a 3,300 foot runway with rotating beacon and pilot-activated night lights.

Keith's IGA

Bad Boy Bucking Bulls

Bauer Beef

M&M Feed

ELEVATION AND CLIMATE: The elevation of Covelo is 1,500 feet.  Some of the peaks go as high as 7,440 feet. The summers here are rather hot and dry. Nightime temperatures during the summer are cool and pleasant. Snow can be expected from mid-November through mid-April at the higher elevations of the District.

Usually winter storms restrict travel on the District. Occasionally travel to Highway 101 could be restricted by storms for a few hours. Average rainfall is 40 inches.

MEDICAL FACILITIES: The community has a clinic with a doctor and dentist, also a family nurse practitioner available on weekdays. Nearest hospital facilities are in Willits and Ukiah. There is a Volunteer Fire Department and a volunteer ambulance service. There is a Senior Citizen Center where lunches are served.

  • Round Valley Indian Health Center
    Phone: 707-983-6181
  • Volunteer Fire Dept. and Ambulance
    For emergency call 911
    For business 707-983-6719

GENERAL: The scenic beauty of Round Valley and the surrounding hills and mountains is enjoyable during all seasons. Hiking, riding and rock hounding, and snowshoeing in the winter on FH7 draw many people to this area. The many facilities of Covelo (three grocery stores, one bank (Tri County), one gas station (Redwood Oil), one variety store, one clothes store, one second hand store, one library, plus a county bookmobile, four eateries, one bar, one laundromat, two auto parts stores, feed store/Tru Value hardware store and two hair dressers make it self-sufficient. The fine historical background, natural beauty and friendly community make it desirable living.


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