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Erlene's Green Cotton


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Gossypium hirsutum

Erlene's Green Foliated, White Cotton (130-150 days)

1 gram packet ~10 seeds

Due to state regulations, we cannot ship to California, Georgia and South Carolina

There are a limited amount of packets, so get them while you can!

A Texas Heirloom, Erlene's Green Cotton has light olive green fibers. Erlene Melancon lives in East Texas, where she has been spinning this green cotton, that was also favored by her grandmother. Cotton's of several colors, like green, blue, yellow, and pink, were used before the civil war and industrialization. Which now favors dye's, over natural coloring.

Plants grow as high as 5 feet, but you'll want to harvest the cotton before the color fades in the sunlight. Harvest soon after the "bolls" have opened. Comes out as a yellow-green color, once spun and washed.

We start cotton in 4" pots in the greenhouse the same time we start tomatoes.  Cotton is a heat loving plant and does NOT like cold soil or air temps.  Cotton needs a constant 65°F to germinate technically.  However, we recommend 70-75°F and that means CONSTANT temps that DO NOT drop below that temp at night.  We recommend a heat mat if you do not have constant warm temperatures.  Then be patient, cotton can take three weeks to emerge and sometimes longer depending on the temperature.  If you live in the deep South where cotton is grown most of these instructions will not apply as your spring nights will be well above 70°F.

Cotton is ready to harvest when the bolls (flower heads) burst open. 

Farmers John's Review

Many people clip the entire plant stems for dried arrangements.  It is a great project for teaching children where their cotton for clothing comes from.  And just a great pleasure to see and experience if you have never seen how cotton is grown.  You will have a much greater appreciation for the clothes on your back. 


A heat loving plant needing a minimum 65° to germinate. We recommend germination temps between 70-75° in a place that doesn't drop below that at night. Cotton can take more than three weeks to emerge, so be patient. If you live in the South where cotton is grown, most of these instructions will not apply, as your spring nights will be well above 70°. Cotton needs at least 3-4 hot months to mature and produce the bolls, so you may want to start as transplants to get a jump on growing. If you're in a very warm environment, you can plant directly outdoors after the soil warms up. Plant the seed about 1" down, and make sure to keep the soil moist, but not soggy.

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