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Organic Albutt Blue Sweet Pea Seeds


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Albutt Blue Sweet Pea Seeds

Lathyrus Odoratus 

Pkg Contains 10 sweet pea seeds


Albutt is a grandiflora that was bred by Harvey Albutt. 

It has elegant pale-lavender-blue patterns on a white backdrop. 

VERY strongly scented.  In fact, out of all the varieties we grew this season, this was the most perfumed and a real favorite here on the farm.  Many times we would be working in the field and the breeze would carry this heavenly scent past us.  It was magical.

Long stems make for a perfect cutting sweet pea. 

Very prolific blooms. 

Height is 3'-4'

Hardy annual.

*You ever wonder why sweet pea seeds are so expensive?   The reason is they don't become mature all at one time and have to be hand collected everyday.  If not, they have a spring-loaded pod that literally explodes, sending seeds everywhere!  Great mechanism for Mother Nature and dispersing seeds, but difficult for us seed growers! 

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