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Catchfly Seeds


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Silene armeria

Catchfly Seeds

Packet contains 125 mg or approximately 1000 catchfly seeds

Catchfly has clusters of tiny purple/pink star-like flowers that are totally mesmerizing when planted in a group.

Butterflies really love this plant and will visit your garden often when the catchfly is in bloom.

Catchfly likes full sun to partial shade and is not too picky about soil conditions.

Plant catchfly seeds after all danger of frost has passed. 

Keep moist until sprouts get about 2" tall then water at least once a week.

Catchfly will start to flower 6-8 weeks after germination and is a strong re-seeder if
the seeds fall on bare ground.

Catchfly was named for the sticky sap that attracts small insects that attempt to steal the nectar and become trapped.

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