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Columbine McKana Giants Mix


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Columbine McKana Giants Mix

Aquilegia caerulea

200 mg Seed Packet ~160 seeds


This colourful Columbine perennial mix has long spurred flowers that are a magnet for butterflies and hummingbirds. 

Columbine likes a rich organic, well draining soil and afternoon/partial shade. 

Grows and blooms well in the shade.  

Removing spent flowers helps to encourage new flower growth.

Keep Columbine seeds cool and moist for 3-4 weeks to greatly improve germination rates.

Columbine will bloom second spring from seed or plant in the fall.

Seed Depth: Surface.  Do not bury.  Columbine requires light to germinate. Press seeds into soil surface instead of covering with soil.
Height: 25-30"
Spacing: 10"-15"
Light: Prefers Light Shade, but will grow in the Full Sun with enough water.
Soil: well-drained soil
USDA Zone: 3-10
Germination: 1-3 months, soil temperature 60-70F
Blooming period: May-June


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