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Linaria Northern Lights Mix


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Linaria maroccana

Linaria Northern Lights Mix

200 mg or about 2, 960 seeds


Native to Morocco.

Northern Lights is a tall mix getting about 24-30" in height. 

Linaria or Toadflax is one of my all time favorite bedding plants. 

A mix of cream, buttercup, orange, purple, and pink flowers are suspended over a delicate fern-line foliage. 

Love it in mass plantings, borders, pots or hanging baskets. 

This flower grows well in full sun or partial shade.

Perfect for cool weather climates, but zones 9-12 can enjoy it early spring and fall as well.  In fact, we transplanted it to our beds around Easter in Texas.  Perfect Easter colors!

Seed Depth: press on surface.  Keep moist
Height: 24-30"
Spacing: 12-16"
Light: Full Sun
Soil: Rich Loamy Soil
USDA Zone: 1-12
Germination: 10-12 days
Blooming period: Spring to Summer

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