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Painted Lady Sweet Pea Seeds Painted Lady Sweet Pea Seeds Painted Lady Sweet Pea Seeds Painted Lady Sweet Pea Seeds

Painted Lady Sweet Pea Seeds


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Painted Lady Sweet Pea Seeds

Lathyrus Odoratus 

Heirloom Sweet Pea Type

Pkg Contains 10 sweet pea seeds


Franciscus Cupani, a monk living in Sicily is credited for first discovering and cultivating sweet peas some time around 1699.  This first sweet pea was purple and is now called "Cupani".  However, from this sweet pea sprung the first colur break (from Purple) a pink/cream bi-color named Painted Lady.

Heat tolerant unlike many sweet peas.     

Painted lady is a true heirloom sweet pea and a must in any garden!

You are planting a piece of history when you plant this enchanting sweet pea. 

Painted Lady will truly grace you garden with her color and scent!


DIRECT SEED Sweet Peas 3" Apart

SEED DEPTH 1/2"-1"

THIN 6-12" Apart

SUPPORT your sweet peas with trellis, wire, fence or tepee

You can start your sweet peas in a greenhouse early and set them out later.  This is what we do.  Make sure to plant sweet pea seeds in a 4"-6" deep pot.  Too shallow are you will stunt your sweet peas later.  Plant 3 sweet pea seeds per 4" pot.  Use good garden soil or potting mix.  Be patient!  Sweet pea seeds can take as long as 3 weeks to sprout. 

Remember when planting sweet peas in the garden to prepare your bed with plenty of COMPOSTED manure. 

Sweet peas are poisonous if consumed! Do not eat them!

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