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Southwest Wildflower Mix


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Wildflowers of the Southwest Mix


Wildflowers of the Southwest Mix

7 grams (50 sq. ft.)


The American Southwest is a diverse and hardy place. 

So are the amazing wildflowers that have adapted to live there. 

Many sleep all winter to burst into color when the first drops of rain come. 

Plant your own little piece of the Southwest.

The Southwest Region as defined here includes: AZ, Southern CA, NM, Southern NV, OK and Western TX.


Features: Painted Daisy, Clarkia Mix, African Daisy Flake, California Poppy, Gaillardia, Bird's Eyes, Tidy Tips, Scarlet Flax, Blue Flax, Alyssum, Arroyo Lupine, Texas Blue Bonnet, Clasping Coneflower, California Bluebells, and Mexican Hat.

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