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California Gardening

California Gardening

California Gardens
California Gardens is the growing source for information on plants and gardening in California. From the Native to the Creative, there are thousands of plants to fill your garden and even more ways to combine them.  California Gardens is a gardening community for California.

What Vegetable Seeds do well in my area?

University of California list and downloadable info sheet for each variety.

Find Your California Ag Extension Office

Want to know what grows well in your area?  This is how you find out!  These people can recommended varieties for you.

California Gardening
Amazing source for California gardeners created by the University of California Cooperative Extension. Highly recommended.

University of California Gardening TV
Very cool place to watch videos on California gardening stories.

California Native Plant Society
Works to protect California’s native plant heritage and preserve it for future generations.

California Garden Clubs
Find the garden club nearest you!

University of California Botanical Gardens at Berkley
A must see and an amazing online plant database.

Southern California Garden Club
Southern California Garden Club was founded June 13, 1927 in Van Nuys. It is a charter member of California Garden Clubs, Inc. which first organized in 1931.

Master Gardeners of California
Is hosted by the Santa Clara County Master Gardener Program. This page contains links to other master gardener programs in California.

California School Garden Network
A non profit that represents a variety of state agencies, private companies, educational institutions and non-profit organizations, all dedicated to the mission of creating and sustaining gardens in every willing school in California. The Network serves as a central organization to distribute school garden resources and support throughout the state.

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