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Var. Recommended by Region

We put a great deal of information on the website so you may make an informed decision about what variety will work for you.



There is no way we can recommend varieties for your particular region.  For instance, Texas has 12 different growing regions and this does not include the many microclimates. 


This is what your County Extension Agent typically does. 

Here is a great clickable map that makes finding your agent quick and easy.  

Many times that information is listed on their websites.  Also remember, local gardening clubs, Master Gardener Assoc. and local nurseries many times keep lists as well.


***Unfortunately, we cannot answer these questions on the phone or by email.  And honestly there is no way we could recommend something for a region we have never farmed in.  Please use the resources provided to help you.

Comments on Var. Recommended by Region

Nekell 04-29-2011 08:52 PM
Thank you. I would not have known where to look. You saved me hours of time searching.

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