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Carbon Steel Hori Hori


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Carbon Steel Hori Hori

An all-purpose digging knife used for digging, transplanting, weeding and cutting. The carbon-steel blade is strong and can deal with heavy-duty digging, especially in clay soils. One side is serrated to make cutting weeds and small branches easier. It comes with a longer handle for more leverage. It comes with a sheath that has a handy belt attachement.

We use the heck out of these for digging out narrow gopher holes to set traps.  Anyone who has tried to set a trap in a gopher hole knows getting deep enough in means everything and it is hard to do unless you have a narrow blade the width of the hole.  We tried so many different shovels for this purpose and none work as well as this one.  Not to mention this the strength in this carbon steel version.  Can't tell you how many cheap shovels we have broken till we discovered the Hori Hori. 

This carbon steel version has a longer handle than the stainless steel version and is much stronger.

7" blade
11 1/2" Total length

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