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Kusakichi Brand Bachi Hoe


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Kusakichi Brand Bachi Hoe

One-hand hoe with a triangular blade good for digging out weeds and harvesting.  Excellent for small areas where a big long-handled hoe is not practical.

I've used the heck out of this great hand hoe for turning over the soil in small areas, planting plants into the garden and for working in mulch.  I guess mostly I use it planting tomatoes into the garden from 4" pots.  Just a few strokes and it makes the perfect hole for anything coming out of a standard 4" pot.  I can't tell you how fast I can do a row of tomatoes due to this hand hoe.  I love it and keep it handy at all times in the garden.

Blade 3" wide
Total Length 15 1/2"

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