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Kusakichi Brand Nejiri Scraper Long Neck


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Kusakichi Brand Nejiri Scraper Long Neck

This scraper comes with a long neck to provide extra reach. No more back-breaking leaning into the rows to get to those weeds.  Cuts quick and easily destroying weeds.

It works especially well working in tight spots. The laminated high-carbon steel is very sharp and can scrape and remove weeds on the surface. The blade can be sharpened.

We don't like cheap tools.  We are often asked what we use for hand tools.  These are some of the best high quality tools we have found and they are made to last!  When you are tired of throwing away dollar store tools then this is the tool to have.  It will last a lifetime properly taken care of. 

I've used this tool for over 10 years and LOVE it!  I bought one on a whim have never been without one since.  Excellent hand weeder that I give to all my friends because it cuts so easy and quick. 

Blade Length 4 1/2inch
Overall 17inch

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