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Seikouba Brand Sickle Thick Blade


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Seikouba Brand Sickle Thick Blade

High quality, hand forged grass sickles. The blade is made of soft iron laminated to high-carbon steel. Handles are made of Japanese white oak. There are three different blade sizes available: thin, medium and thick. The thin blade is light and cuts fast when dealing with grasses. The thick blade is heavy duty and can deal with thicker materials.

The thick blade is excellent for woody weeds, bamboo, sunflowers, sorghum, sugar cane, corn stalks, etc..  This beats any other sickle we have found hands down.  In fact the boys in the field fight over who got to use the one we had till we ordered more! 

Why do you want to spend this much on a sickle?  Because these sickles hold a sharp edge allowing you to harvest more grain and less time sharping your blade!

  51/2" blade
16" overall length

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