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Gopher & Mole Trap


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The BlackBox Gopher Trap gets rid of gophers with its choker-style trap that is more effective than conventional wire claw & box traps. Read the rave reviews!

With it's humane and user-friendly style, this is the only underground pest trap that is used on our Certified Organic farm. It takes advantage of a gophers natural desire to fill holes in their tunnels, and while filling this "hole", the gopher will be quickly and humanely taken care of with little risk to the user.

farmer john approvedFarmer John Approved!  This is by far the most effective gopher trap I have ever used.  It is THE only gopher we use on the farm.  If you learn how to set these traps they are incredibly effective.  I always put a survey flag next to them in the garden so I don't forget where I buried them and I check them multiple times a day.  However, I normally catch the gopher within 3 hours of setting it.  Half of the time within an hour.  It works on the gophers instict to keep the tunnel entrance blocked so that predators like the gopher snake can't get to it.  No bait needed.  When the gophers senses fresh air coming down the hole it rushes to block the tunnel.  That is why it is important when setting these traps not to let dirt fall back and fill the small hole at the end.  Happy gopher hunting!  Send in those pics!

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