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Happy Hen Nest Box Happy Hen Nest Box

Happy Hen Nest Box

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Happy Hen Nest Box

We looked hard for a nest box to highlight our Poultry Package , but the only one we found was made in China.  One of our fellow board members on a Sustainability Guild works for this great nonprofit organization (see below) giving disabled Americans jobs and life skills; together we cooked up this Happy Hen Nest Box!  We hope you and your hens enjoy it!  If you want to save $2 on this nest box, you can buy it and our poultry package together on that page.  

  • Comes fully assembled.  Can be inserted into many premade chicken coops.  Some folks use 2 inexpensive shelf brackets, but we simply screw them right to the hen house wall.  Kinda depends on how heavy your chicken breed is.  
  • Made of Durable Plywood
  • 11 3/4" X 11 3/4"   5" tall in the back and 3" tall in the front
  • Proudly made in the USA by a nonprofit that gives job and life skills to adults with disabilities.  (see video below)  

***Comes only with the box.  Not the eggs or nesting material inside.  It does come with the nest material inside if you buy it as a part of the Poultry Package.  


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