California Barley


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Hordeum vulgare subsp. vulgare
California Barley (184 days)

Collected in: Washington, United States  1918

12.90% protein level.  5% BetaGlucan level. 

Six rowed. Awned.  Winter growth habit.  2'-3' in height.  1+ Tillers

Luther Burbank is said to have used this barley to select from to create his famous "Burbank Barley".  Little documentation still exists to verify this fact.  The most obvious difference is California barley is hulled and Burbank Barley is hulless. 

Burbank seemed to only dabble in grains for a short period.  I find it more likely that instead of "creating" this barley, he  found a hulless sport growing amongst California.  He improved upon this barley only saving the biggest heads and those plants with the most tillers.  We will never really know. 
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