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Pringle's Progress Oat


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Pringle's Progress Oat

Created around 1884 by Cyrus G. Pringle of Lake Champlain, South Dakota.


Created by crossing Excelsior and Chinese Hulless oats.


Protein content 19.9%  Height  38"

As described in 1889 (see photo)

"This new and distinct variety of oats was made by Mr. Pringle several years ago, by crossing the Excelsior with the Chinese Hulless.  In it we have a combination of good qualities which cannot fail to please-a short stiff straw and along full head or panicle.  In the Progress oat we have a head averaging as large as the largest of the taller varieties, well-filled, and being so much shorter, it does not lodge,  In our trial plot of about 20 varieties of oats, the progress matured nest to the Early Lackawanna oat.  In the spring of 1886, from one and 3/4 bushels drilled in on a rather poor soil, 162 bushels, threshers measure, were harvested.  Progress oat will suit every time.  Horses seem to like these oats much better than most sorts, probably because of the thin and tender shuck."

Part of Sustainable Seed Co. Heritage Grains Restoration Project


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