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Gabba De Farro Wheat Seed


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Gabba De Farro Wheat Seed

Sustainably Grown

Extremely rare soft red wheat from Italy. 

A cultivated/improved landrace.  Used in Italy for years to make pasta.  This fantastic heirloom grain can have protein levels as high as 13%!  That is as high as modern wheats.

VERY RARE.  We have a limited amount. 1 OZ Packages only.

*If you are an experienced grain grower and are willing to sign a contract to sell back a portion of this grain to us, we have larger quantities available.  Email me and tell me about your experience and what quantity of grain you need.  Thank You.

The objective when planting wheat is to establish a uniform stand of at least 25 plants per square foot with adequate fall growth for tiller development and an established root system for winter survival. Planting methods include drilling, broadcast seeding, and aerial seeding. Specific seeding rates will vary widely with topography, climate, and management approach. In general, stick to 30-40 seeds per square foot at a depth of 1.5 inches. Wheat will sprout best in soil that is slightly compacted, so it's good to tamp the bed slightly after planting. For more information, see http://www.uky.edu/Ag/GrainCrops/ID125Section4.html.

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