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Organic Vavilov Wheat Seed Organic Vavilov Wheat Seed Organic Vavilov Wheat Seed

Organic Vavilov Wheat Seed

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vavilov wheat seedOrganic Vavilov Wheat Seed

Triticum aestivum

Very Rare.  Pkg contains only 25 seeds. 


From the famed Russian scientist Nicolay Vavilov (1887-1943).  Vavilov was one of the most famed agronomists and plant breeders.  A man who created so much so that people could feed themselves and ironically died of starvation for his beliefs in a Russian prison.  During his most important years he sent out 140 expeditions in the Soviet Union and 40 world wide to 64 different countries collecting plant material.  In 1940 the year he was arrested he had amassed over 200,000 specimens.  From this vast genetic collection Vavilov created some of the worlds most important food crops.  

This hard red wheat was one of those creations. The best we can determine is this particular wheat was created sometime in the 1920s.  Our particular strain came from a Canadian farmer whose family had been growing and saving it for generations since its creation.  

Hard red winter wheat.

Awnless (bald).

Avg. plant height is 4' which is typical of heirloom types, but can be a problem with lodging in high wind areas.

Avg. seed head length is 3.5".

Average of 6-7 seed heads per plant.

Like many old heirlooms it shows a great deal of genetic variation in form.  Many individual selections could still be made from this rare cultivar.  We are working on a particular strain developed for our area and hope to have a viable population for local bread production in a few years. We think its worth the effort, for just a 1/3 of the flour recipe supplemented with this heirloom grain makes a mouth-watering bread like no other.

Not as easy to grow as many modern varieties because of the plant height, but has a rich and deep flavor rarely found anymore.  This is the case with many heirlooms. 

This particular strain is not known to exist outside of this Canadian family and our collection.

Very Rare.  Pkg contains only 25 seeds. 




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