Yamhill Wheat Seeds

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Yamhill Wheat


Yamhill was developed in Oregon in 1969.  Beardless, standard height, cold tolerant winter variety.

Soft white winter wheat. Yamhill is adapted to the winter wheat growing areas of western Oregon, Northern California and Washington.

Yahmhill wheat will tolerate wet soils better than most varieties. Strong winter dormancy, so fall or winter planting is preferred.

Good milling and baking quality.   

Yamhill is an adequate grain variety but is superior for wheat hay or forage as both quantity and quality under a wide range of weather and moisture conditions are very good.

Height can reach 50 to 54" in lush conditions.

Resistant to stripe rust. 

Plant at 100 to 120 lbs per acre on irrigated ground, and 75- 80 lbs per acre on non- irrigated ground.

The objective when planting wheat is to establish a uniform stand of at least 25 plants per square foot with adequate fall growth for tiller development and an established root system for winter survival. Planting methods include drilling, broadcast seeding, and aerial seeding. Specific seeding rates will vary widely with topography, climate, and management approach. In general, stick to 30-40 seeds per square foot at a depth of 1.5 inches. Wheat will sprout best in soil that is slightly compacted, so it's good to tamp the bed slightly after planting. For more information, see http://www.uky.edu/Ag/GrainCrops/ID125Section4.html.

Soft White Winter Wheat
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