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Instant Garden

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Instant Garden Package

This package is designed to give you an instant garden without having to think about what to order.  We will add one of our $1.99 size packets of vegetable seed from almost every category we have for a total of 25 packets.  This should be all you need to instantly start a Victory Garden to battle high food prices and food security! 

Tired of high food prices?  If only 2/3 of  ONE seed packet grows out it can be worth over $259 in groceries alone.  You get 25 seed packets!  Imagine the potential savings.  Why just one trip to the produce stand will cost you more than this package.  Just think of how much fresh, organic food you can grow right from your own backyard and save hundreds of dollars on your grocery bill! 

Perfect house warming gift or great garden club raffle item.  Comes in an earth friendly re- usable cotton drawstring bag.  Great for kids as well.  It is just an easy way to get started gardening right away!

Regular Price of all 25 of the $1.99 vegetables is $50
You save $10.00 with this package at $39.99

Comes in our reusable cotton bag a $5.00 value.  See Picture.


We also have a Certified Organic Option as well. 

The regular price is $73.75 

Save $10 with this package at 63.75



Add the booklet Starting Seeds Indoors for only $3.99 and get a quick start on your garden!  Click the drop down menu!

What seed exactly is in this package?
"The Instant Garden Package varies slightly from one to the next, but they generally have the same basic elements:


Included Heirloom Varieties Number of Seeds   Included Heirloom Varieties Number of Seeds
Detroit Dark Red Beet over 200 heirloom seeds   Old Fashioned Mustard over 600 heirloom seeds
Waltham Broccoli over 275 heirloom seeds   Tokyo Long White Bunching Onion over 220 heirloom seeds
Golden Acre Cabbage over 200 heirloom seeds   Sugar Ann Pea over 50 heirloom seeds
Danvers 126 Carrot  over 600 heirloom seeds   California Wonder Bell Pepper over 40 heirloom seeds
Snowball Y Improved Cauliflower over 300 heirloom seeds   Cayenne Long Thin Red Pepper over 40 heirloom seeds
Utah 52-70 Celery over 1150 heirloom seeds   Small Sugar Pumpkin over 30 heirloom seeds
Ruby Red Chard over 30 heirloom seeds   Cherry Belle Radish over 475 heirloom seeds
Golden Bantam Corn over 65 heirloom seeds   Bloomsdale Spinach over 300 heirloom seeds
Straight Eight Cucumber over 35 heirloom seeds   Black Beauty Squash over 35 heirloom seeds
Red Russian Kale over 280 heirloom seeds   Waltham Butternut over 35 heirloom seeds
Summer Bibb Lettuce over 400 heirloom seeds   Roma VF Tomato over 35 heirloom seeds
Honey Rock Melon over 40 heirloom seeds   Herb - Italian Large Leaf Basil over 300 heirloom seeds
Suagr Baby Watermelon over 25 heirloom seeds      
      Total:  5000+ Heirloom Seeds!


  Cherry Belle Radish


  Cayenne Long Red Pepper


  Cayenne Long Red Pepper


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