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Kids Seed Package


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Kid's Seed Package

Kids love to plant in the garden, too; you just have to hold their attention.  Kids love unusual shapes, colors and things that are fun to eat.

We have created an extremely fun, easy-to-grow collection of veggies and flowers for your kids to plant!

Here is what you will get:

Atomic Red Carrots
Yes, red carrots!!  Your kids will love them.
Strawberry popcorn
What kid doesn't like popcorn?
Chiogga beets
I know; beets!  Kids don't like them, but these look like a candy cane with red and white alternating stripes!
Mammoth Sunflowers
Giant, tall and bright yellow sunflowers burst forth like the sun itself.  It's fun taking a photo with these and the kids 'cause the flowers are bigger than the kids' heads! 
Cosmic Purple Carrots
Yelp, totally purple carrots!
Scarlet Runner Beans
Amazing looking beans with red flower and purple beans that will grower taller than any eight year old.
Rainbow Corn
Wow, have you seen all the colors in this corn?  I'm fascinated by it myself.  So many pretty colors!
Horticultural Taylor Beans
Crazy looking beans that are half pink and half white.  A very productive dried bean.
Rainbow Chard
Neon stalks of celery-like chard shoot up into the air like fireworks.  Fun and easy to grow. 
Big Max Pumpkin
These suckers get huge!  Your kid could win the county fair with one of these babies!
Black Diamond Watermelon
What kid doesn't like eating, or better yet, spitting watermelon seeds?!  These babies grow up to 35#s with plenty of cool juicy melon and seed-spitting fun!

Comes in our reusable cotton bag.  See Picture.

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