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Since 2008, offering heirloom seeds and organic heirloom seeds - non-hybrid vegetable, flower, and herb seeds.. America's best source for for heirloom vegetable seeds, heirloom grain seeds and heirloom herb seeds.

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Our vegetable seeds we sell and the vegetables they produce are nutrient dense and packed with vitamins and minerals. Protect yourself, your health and the health of your family by growing a better (and tastier!) product than you could possibly buy at the store!  

We have more than 1665 varieties of heirloom and organic seeds for you to choose from - all USA grown, all sustainably grown.

Many people ask us what sets us apart from other heirloom seed companies.  Some of the differences are:

We grow our seed in a Sustainable Manner which exceeds “organic” qualifications.  Our seed company goes far beyond just using organic fertilizers and not using pesticides!  We want to protect the very environment we live in.  As a seed company we want to leave the land in a condition that can be farmed for generations.  This includes supporting pollinators, water conservation, permaculture and seed saving just to name a few things. 

We grow and buy seed only in the United States.  Supporting small American Seed Farmers.

We spend countless hours giving you detailed information about a variety in our seed catalog.  No one liners like other companies.  We even include historical data from seed catalogs as old as 100 years.  This serves as a free database to many researchers. 

We are real people.  We are farmers.  Yes, that kind of sounds silly, but how many times do you feel like you deal with face-less companies and not real people.  Companies that now days just don’t seem to care or hold themselves accountable for the things they do.  

Buy seed from a seed company that knows where their seed is coming from.  Seed that is USA grown.   Seed that is adaptable to this growing region.  An organic seed that has been grown right here for many generations.  Heirloom seeds have always been handed down from when generation to the next.  It was the gift of being able to feed one's self.  An heirloom seed was the gift of prosperity, healthy food and independence.  

Learn to save heirlooms.  Pass down the future of food to your children.  Teach them how to grow garden vegetables so that they will never know hunger or the desperation of being without healthy food.  

We believe it is important to preserve farming heritage.  Our great grandfathers learned to farm without destroying the earth.  They knew how to save seeds from year to year.  They were strong and healthy because they grew their own food.  Their very hands nourished plants that later nourished their bodies.  Now, most people know nothing of their food, where it comes from, or if it is genetically modified.  They blindly stuff this food down with little regard as long as it is cheap.  Well, there is no such thing is cheap food.  There is a consequence to what is being done to the earth and man is just now figuring this out.  We cannot blindly keep dumping chemical fertilizers on the earth and washing them into our seas with killing consequences.  The earth's very skin is alive and we seem to be doing our best to kill it.  Do we not understand that we are a part of this very life?  That if we destroy this biosphere we to will die?

I remember my mother and father reading Dr. Seuss stories to me as a kid.  My favorite was The Lorax.  It was a story of a small furry critter how tried to protect the trees.  He always said "who will speak for the trees?  For the trees have no tongues."  Most people know this story from their childhood or they read it to their children.  Did it do any good?  The story that is?  Did we learn anything?

I look back, that was the early 1970s and we are killing ourselves and the earth at an even greater pace.  Where we find ourselves "at the far end of town"....

"At the far end of town where the Grickle-grass grows and the wind smells slow-and-sour when it blows and no birds ever sing excepting old crows... is the Street of the Lifted Lorax And deep in the Grickle-grass, some people say, if you look deep enough you can still see, today, where the Lorax once stood just as long as it could before somebody lifted the Lorax away.... 

It all started way back...such a long, long time back...Way back in the days when the grass was still green and the pond was still wet and the clouds were still clean, and the song of the Swomee-Swans rang out in space...

Bell Bean Seeds

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