Yolo Wonder Pepper Seeds

Yolo Wonder Pepper Seeds

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Yolo Wonder Pepper Seeds (75 days)


.25 grams per seed package/Seed Package Contains Approx. 30-45 heirloom pepper seeds.

Improved strain of California Wonder, larger and more mosaic resistant, 4-4.5 x 3.75-4 in. diameter, thick flesh, 3-4 lobes, dark green to red, pendant, compact spreading 24-28 in. plant, dense foliage protects against sunscald.

Thick skinned holds up well  for baking or stuffing.

Sweet, delicious and eaten raw in salads. 

Seed Planting Depth

Seeds per gram

Germination Temperature

Days to Germination

Row Spacing

Plant Spacing

100' Row Yield


¼" 110-130 75-85° 7-10 24" 12-18" 40 lb. Full

Planting Tips for Heirloom Sweat Peppers:

Start these vegetable seeds indoors about 6-8 weekds before your last frost date.  Be sure to keep them in a warm place so that the soil temperature stays above 75°.  Young heirloom pepper plants like it to stay warm and will develope well if kept happy.

Only transplanted after the heirloom pepper seedlings have shown several sets of their true leaves and only once you are sure the outside soil temperature is consistently above 65°. 

Heirloom seeds are hardy but always take care with your garden seeds to give them the appropriate amount of moisture - not letting the vegetable seeds dry out prematurely or overwatering and possibly having them rot.


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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Kari W. Romo
    These are doing wonderfully in my garden (zone 8b Central Texas). Started the seed a little too early and had to keep them going through a lot of cold weather this winter before they were ready to go out. I figured that would affect them, but no.

    When they did go out, we had a freeze a full month after our last frost date and they survived with only a blanket over them. Again, I figured they would be stunted and I wouldn't get much but they are going great guns now.

    Average weight for the peppers I've been getting is 3 and 1/2 ounces. I've picked them all green so far because I'm too impatient to let them ripen. A few look like they are starting to turn color but it does take awhile.

    Also, the seed I'm growing was purchased from SSC in 2011. I kept the seed refrigerated and they pretty much all germinated. That's one thing I like about SSC: good germination rates.

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