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Chicory Flower Seed


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Chicory  Cichorium intybus (Asteraceae)
(7-21 days to emergence)

250 mg packet contains about 200 seeds

The leaves are used in salads, for which they are much superior to Dandelion. They may be cut and used from young plants, but are generally blanched, as the unblanched leaves are bitter.

According to Mrs. Grieves when growing chicory as a forage crop, it should be sown during the last week in May, or first week in June, in drills about 15 inches apart, the plants being afterward singled to from 6 inches to 8 inches in the row. About 5 lb. of seed will be needed for the acre. If sown too early the plant is likely to bolt. So grown, the crop of leaves can be cut in autumn to be fed to stock of all kinds, such as poultry, rabbits, cows, etc., and in following years, if the crop is kept clean, the foliage may be mown off three or four times. So grown, it should of course never be allowed to seed.

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