Heshiko Bunching Onion

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Allium fistulosum

Heshiko Bunching Onion


Heshiko is a Japanese heirloom bunching onion. 

It produces bunches of 4-8 silvery white shanks that are 2-3 inches long (shank part).

Over all plant height is 10-14 inches.

Pungent flavor.

PR, thrip, smut and dwarf yellows resistant.

Over winters well if not severe.

Very easy to grow and excellent in many dishes.

Seed Planting Depth

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Germination Temperature

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Row Spacing

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100' Row Yield


1/8-1/4" 300 50-85 3-13 6" 5-6" 100 lb. Full

Allium cepa

Planting Tips:

Day length sensitive – check for which is best in your area.  Needs a light friable soil to grow successfully.  Start in early spring, scatter seeds in tray ¼”- ½” apart in moist soil and put in warm place.  Transplant out 8-10 weeks later in final spacing.  Thinned onions are great in salads!

Seeding Rate:

500,000 plants/acre, aproximately 6 lb.

Heirloom seeds are hardy but always take care with your garden seeds to give them the appropriate amount of moisture - not letting the vegetable seeds dry out prematurely or overwatering and possibly having them rot.


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