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Warehouse Manager

Sustainable Seed Company – Warehouse & Order Fulfillment Manager

Sustainable Seed Co. is a certified organic seed farm committed to the cultivation and preservation of heirloom seeds. We sell over 1,650 varieties of seeds, 30% of which we personally grow. What's not grown on site is sourced from American farmers, families and seed houses. As our name implies, we operate in a sustainable manner, with a Green Initiative that sets the standard in the Seed Industry.

At 5 years old, we're at a pivotal point as a company and a management team. We’re poised to move from a challenger to a leader in the heirloom seed market, and have been making strategic hires toward that end. At this point, we’re looking for one more addition to the management team: a Warehouse Manager with the energy and experience to scale our fulfillment operation to take advantage of the growth opportunities.

We're specifically seeking an experienced e-commerce, fulfillment or warehouse supervisor or manager, with exceptional communication, planning and execution skills. That said, we're open to considering someone with different but highly transferable expertise, assuming you have a start-up (hustle & improvisation) mentality and the customer service and people management skills to make things happen. Regardless of your path, we need someone who plays well with others and can both lead and do: modeling behaviors, setting the pace and maintaining a high-energy/enthusiasm environment.

Specific requirements and expectations in this role include the following:

  • 2+ years experience supervising/managing, training and developing and evaluating a diverse team of part- and full-time employees
  •  A firm understanding of inventory control processes and procedures for a warehouse or similar production environment
  • Demonstrated ability to set and achieve departmental goals and objectives
  • Fluency with the Microsoft Office suite (PC) and other computer programs
  • Learn and maintain all customer service and order fulfillment skills; assist as needed with basic order fulfillment tasks
  • Create and maintain a high-energy/high-performance operating environment
  • Prioritize and assign tasks based on company needs and the skills and knowledge of individual employees
  • Be aware of employees strengths and challenges; provide coaching/feedback and support in developing a long-term placement fit
  • Expand on and maintain a warehouse procedures/operating manual; train new and evaluate prospective employees
  • Maintain the effectiveness of inventory systems and processes and the functionality of equipment
  • Effectively prioritize work and available resources; consistently meet quality and turnaround expectations
  • Resolve and/or propose options for addressing operational or personnel issues; maintain a high level of customer and employee satisfaction
  • Partner with Assistant Farm Managers and Seed Curator in production from seed to seed
  • Maintain the cleanliness, comfort and safety of warehouse facility
  • Ability to repeatedly lift 50 pounds
  • Valid Driver’s License and clean driving history

Bonus points for candidates who can demonstrate the following:

  • Commitment to sustainable, GMO-free agriculture
  • Familiarity with/ability to develop expertise regarding an extensive variety of heirloom grains, vegetables, flowers, herbs, cover crops
  • Interest in/ability to care for farm animals
  • Social media savvy

To Apply: If you think you may have what it takes to get us from here to there from a fulfillment standpoint, send us your resume, a completed Employment Application (or application information in the body of your email; no need to duplicate information in your resume) and a cover letter that specifically addresses your ability to achieve results in a similar environment. Email your application materials to Directors [at] SustainableSeedCo.com with “Warehouse Manager” in the subject line.

Please research Covelo before you respond. We’re located in Round Valley, a spectacularly beautiful and (some would say “but”) relatively remote area of GMO-free Mendocino County. Mendocino National Forest is in our backyard, affording thousands of acres of hiking as well as camping, hunting, fishing and foraging. Covelo is a small, can-do town that rallies around topics of interest, be it our relatively new library and community center, our local radio station or our monthly Sustainability movie series. For us, it’s paradise, but it’s not for everyone.  

Sustainable Seed Co. is a drug- & tobacco-free work environment. Successful candidate will be subject to a pre-employment background and credit check and drug screening.

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