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Lettuce Heirloom Seeds

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When to plant Heirloom Lettuce Seeds:  Heirloom lettuce seeds can be planted in the early spring or in the late summer.  While most organic heirloom lettuce will tolerate light frost, it does not handle heat well and will go to seed.

Soil for Organic Heirloom Lettuce:  Lettuce needs rich soil to produce lots of leaves.  Nitrogen in particular will produce luscious full heads.  Lettuce has a dense, but delicate root system so the soil should be loose and friable.  That means it should crumble in your hand.  Sand and excellent compost will help greatly. 

Planting Organic Heirloom Lettuce:  Most folks get carried away when planting heirloom lettuce and use way too many seeds.  This is OK as long as you do a great deal of thinning to allow the heads to develop.  Remember, heirloom lettuce is a quick crop so continue to plant heirloom lettuce seed often to keep your salad bowl full.  Don't forget fall planting of lettuce seed.  Lettuce loves cool weather and fall is the perfect time to plant lettuce seeds.