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Mammoth Scarlet Sweet Pea

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Mammoth Scarlet Sweet Pea 

Lathyrus Odoratus

Seed packet contains 1 gram,  approximately 10-15 seeds

Soak your garden in color and fragrance with these large, deep red, sweet peas.  The vigorous 4 to 6 foot vines begin to flower early in the season, and continue into the heat of summer.  If growing for cut flowers, these long-stemmed beauties benefit from trellising.  Regular removal of spent flowers will encourage further blooms.

Seed Depth: 1"
Light: Full Sun
Soil: Sandy Soil or Rich Loamy Soil
USDA Zone: 1-12
Germination: 10-21 days
Blooming period: Spring to Summer



DIRECT SEED Sweet Peas 3" Apart

SEED DEPTH 1/2"-1"

THIN 6-12" Apart

SUPPORT your sweet peas with trellis, wire, fence or tepee

You can start your sweet peas in a greenhouse early and set them out later.  This is what we do.  Make sure to plant sweet pea seeds in a 4"-6" deep pot.  Too shallow are you will stunt your sweet peas later.  Plant 3 sweet pea seeds per 4" pot.  Use good garden soil or potting mix.  Be patient!  Sweet pea seeds can take as long as 3 weeks to sprout. 

Remember when planting sweet peas in the garden to prepare your bed with plenty of COMPOSTED manure. 

Sweet peas are poisonous if consumed! Do not eat them!

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