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Nodak Pinto Bean

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Phaseolus vulgaris 

Nodak Pinto Bean (90-100 days)

Packet contains 1 ounce (~70 seeds)

This bean was developed in North Dakota and was released in the 1980's.

Primarily used as a dried bean, Pintos all mature at the same time and can be left to dry on the vine.

Half runner habit, but doesn't need staking. 

Incredibly early and VERY productive.  Easy to grow.

Tender and well know to cook easily without soaking. 

Harvest when completely dry (approximatley 100 days).

They can also be enjoyed as a  fresh green snap bean if harvested when young.


Seed Planting Depth

Seeds per ounce

Germination Temperature

Days to Germination

Row Spacing

Plant Spacing

100' Row Yield


1.25" 60-150 65 7-10 24" 4-6" 12 lb. Full

Planting Tips:

100+ days for dry beans.  Not cold tolerant, beans need warm soil of 65 degrees or better.  Regular harvesting of the young pods will ensure a greater yield if growing for fresh eating.  Grows best in full sun with well watered soil.  Boost yields and germination by adding inoculants.

When seed pods are fully dry, harvest full plants and shake vigorously in a trash can to separate seeds from plants and dried seed pods.

Heirloom seeds are hardy but always take care with your garden seeds to give them the appropriate amount of moisture - don't let the vegetable seeds dry out prematurely, and don't overwater and possibly have them rot.


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