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Organic Crenshaw Melon Seeds

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organic chioggia beets(Inodorus group)
Organic Crenshaw Melon (110 days)

Parents were the Casaba and Persian melon.

A ripe Crenshaw is seductively spicy sweet with a yellowish skin and luscious salmon colored flesh.  I cannot believe how sweet a melon of this large size can be.  I don't enjoy the flavor of cantaloupes, but cannot get enough of this melon.   The Crenshaw's texture is silky smooth and not at all granular like some melons can be.  I was most surprised by the sweet honey flavor of the sumptuous flesh.  What a fantastic summer treat!

This is a heat loving melon that has wonderfully vigorous vines.  The Crenshaw produces fruit 6-8 pounds and occasionally some up to 10 pounds.   Peak season for Crenshaw melons is August through September, with the fruit season beginning in July and ending in October.


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