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Organic Delgold Tobacco

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                                       Nicotiana tabacum
organic blue lake bean seedOrganic Delgold Tobacco

Tobacco seeds are VERY tiny.  Package contains 100 seeds.

Bred in Canada around 1980 by crossing wild tobacco (N. rustica) with two popular American tobacco varieties, Hicks Broadleaf tobacco and Virginia 115 tobacco. This cross produced a plant that was a high-yielding, high-nicotine cultivar that was widely adopted by growers. Delgold tobacco is still considered one of the better yielding flue-cured varieties available on the market today.

Giant 6-8' tobacco with leaves over 18" long and 12".  Delgold just kept coming every time I would cut it.  Soft pink flowers.  I was shocked at this tobaccos frost tolerance, but then again I got the original seed stock from Canada.  This tobacco variety works well for us on the West Coast because it will perform in our cool weather. (2010 update.  We have 12' tall plants growing now that have gone through a week of night time freezing lows that have burned our citrus trees, but not this tobacco.  Truthly I'm a bit stunned!)

We grow tobacco to use an insecticide on our plants and chickens.  As I type this, it is hanging in bunches over my head in the rafters of our seed shop.  I forget it is there, and I think what is that sweet smell!  This tobacco is so sweetly fragrant.  I grind tobacco leaves up and use it as a dust on the chickens for mites/Lice.  I also soak tobacco leaves in water to make a concoction to spray on bugs in the garden. 

Start tobacco seeds indoors 4-8 weeks before outdoor planting time.  Sow thinly in a lightweight sterile soil mix.  BARELY cover the tobacco seed or don't cover it at all.  Press the soil firmly and water.  Keep evenly moist, but not soggy.  I recommend bottom heating the seed tray unless your soil has a constant 75 degrees or more temperature.  Remember tobacco is a tropical crop.  As tobacco seedlings appear, gradually expose them to direct light.  When the tobacco seedlings are large enough to handle, transplant into pots.  Harden off by gradual exposure to outdoor conditions.  After spring frosts transplant to garden 36" apart.

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