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Dixie Queen Watermelon Seed Dixie Queen Watermelon Seed

Organic Dixie Queen Watermelon Seed

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Citrullus lanatus.
Organic Dixie Queen Watermelon Seed (80 days)

Package size is 2 grams or about 20 seeds

Also been called "White Seeded Cuban Queen". "Cuban Queen" (parent of White Seeded?  "Cuban Queen" was known for weights around 100 lbs) was first introduced in 1881.  Dave's Garden says..."Hybridized by Johnson & Stokes Seed Co.; Year of Registration or Introduction: 1890"

Dixie Queen watermelon is round instead of oblong and can grow up to 50 pounds.  The skin is cream color with dark green stripes. The flesh is scarlet red, sweet, crisp and very tasty.  Dixie Queen is an early watermelon, producing sweet melons much sooner than other melons.

1944 Burpee Seed Co. Catalog Says about Dixie Queen Watermelon...
"Fruits are round to slightly oblong.  12" across, 15" long, averaging 30-35 lbs each.  Has light green skin with irregular stripes of dark green.  Flesh is brilliant red, of fine texture and excellent quality; it is good clear to the rind, which is thin but tough, so it stands shipping. Seeds are small and white.  A favorite variety in the South, where it is grown for shipment to the northern markets.  Equally desirable for home and market gardens in the North because of its many good qualities.  Always a ready seller." 

Organic Watermelon

Organic Watermelon
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