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Gold Rush Bean Gold Rush Bean

Organic Gold Rush Bean

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Organic bean seedOrganic Gold Rush Bean

Phaseolus vulgaris

Bush type wax bean, 52 days to maturity

Forget panning, try canning! A gardener's wealth is a heavy harvest of Gold Rush beans, pickled or steamed and piled on a plate. You won't have to search long to find these delicious, lemon-colored beans hanging in heavy clusters on their compact bushes.

Gold Rush was a clear favorite on the farm, where it kept on producing tender beans when others had gotten tough.  Plants are disease resistant and produce a heavy, concentrated harvest. The round, straight, 4-5" pods hold well on and off the bush, making them great for preservation as well as fresh eating.  White seeded.  

Seed Planting Depth

Germination Temperature

Days to Germination

Row Spacing

Plant Spacing

100' Row Yield


1.5" 75 7-10 4-6" 4-6" 24 lb. (fresh) Full

Planting Tips for Heirloom Beans:

50-60 days for green, 100+ days for dry beans. Not cold tolerant, beans need warm soil of 65° or higher. Grow best in full sun with well watered soil. Regular harvesting of the young pods will ensure a greater yield. Boost yields and germination by adding inoculants.

Avoid planting in soil that stays wet.  Heirloom bean diseases thrive in wet conditions, and the roots may not get enough oxygen.

Heirloom beans like soil that is slightly acid, about 6.5.  This can be achieved by adding mulched pine needles, peat moss or sulfur. 

Try wide row growing for bush beans.  Make your heirloom bean rows three across instead of just one.  Three wide is perfect because most people can reach across that width.  You can grow 3 times the amount of heirloom beans in the same space, you reduce the amount of area for weeds, and you'll save on water.



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