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Organic Golden Acre Cabbage Seed

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organic cabbage seedsBrassica oleracea
Organic Golden Acre Cabbage Seed (62 days)

Golden acre cabbage produces 3-4 pound heads that are succulent, sweet and tender. Golden Acre Cabbage produces round, tight heads shaped like balls.  Known for its early production and uniformity.  Golden Acre is a great cabbage for coleslaw or stir fry.

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1927 Henry Fields Seed Catalog says about Golden Acre Cabbage...
"It is claimed to be the earliest round headed cabbage and that it matures before Early Jersey Wakefield cabbage. The heads are firm with few outer leaves and average about four pounds."

1929     Steele Briggs Seed Catalog says about Golden Acre Cabbage Seed...
"Golden Acre: This variety resembles Copenhagen Market in type; but the heads though not quite so large are more uniformly round than Copenhagen. It is six days earlier than Copenhagen Market and on account of the smaller head may be planted closer than any other variety with a head of similar size. Its remarkable fine quality and tenderness will be greatly appreciated. There is an entire absence of coarse veins and leaves and it has the quality of hardening the head before it has attained its mature size. A good variety for market purposes."

1932 Burpee Seed Catalog says about Golden Acre Cabbage Seeds...
"This is a very superior stock of a popular extra early, round-headed variety of the Copenhagen Market type.  Matures even earlier than Early Jersey Wakefield.  Produces a uniform, tightly fold, round, well-balanced head of superb quality.  Unsurpassed cabbage for the home or market garden."

Golden Acre Cabbage is Recommended by the Following State Universities or Ag Extension Offices as a variety that performs well for their region.  GA, OR, TX

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Planting Tips:

Start spring seedlings 4-5 weeks before transplanting.  Start fall transplants 2-3 months before first frost.  Transplant out to the garden when 3” tall at least 90 days before your first frost in midsummer.  When transplanting, enrich soil with a little blood and bone meal.  Needs cool temperatures to head properly – will bolt in heat.  Keeping soil evenly moist is a must for a healthy crop.

Set out your spring cabbage transplants early enough so that they can mature before the heat of summer, about 5 weeks before the last frost. For a longer cabbage harvest plant 2 or 3 varieties with different maturities.

Soil:  Surprisingly heirloom organic cabbage will do well on heavy clay soil, although it prefers a rich heavy loam.  It delights in copious amounts of composted manure mixed into the soil bed.  Remember not to plant cabbage seed in the same place year to year.  The soil pH should be between 6.0 and 7.5 for optimum growth and to discourage clubroot disease.


Organic Cabbage

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