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Organic Golden Honey Cream watermelon

Organic Golden Honey Cream Watermelon


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Citrullus lanatus

Organic Golden Honey Cream Watermelon (88 days)

2 gram packet ~20 seeds

Golden Honey Cream has been gone from commercial seed production for a long time.  We are very excited to bring back this delectable melon. 

Some say this is the same as Golden Honey, but they are wrong (we sell both.  Look at the pics).  Golden Honey Cream is heavier by 5 pounds, has more distinct striping and the flesh is almost buttery or "creamy". 

Fruits are typically 10-15 pounds, but some can get bigger.

Plant produces 2-3 watermelons per vine, but can produce as many as 5, depending on your growing conditions.

Very round in shape with distinctive stripes that are very attractive.

The flesh is canary yellow with a taste and texture that is buttery and creamy.  Almost like ice cream. 

Farmers John's Review

This melon should really be called "Ambrosia of the Gods" or something like that...it is amazing!  The sweetness and creamy texture is unsurpassed.  The only thing that comes remotely close is Cream of Saskatchewan which I suspect is from the same watermelon family line way back there somewhere.  They are so good, employees literally fight over who gets to clean them because they get to eat the flesh.  Yeah, that is a job worth fighting for ;)

Organic Watermelon

Organic Watermelon
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