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Organic Haogen Melon

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organic carrot seedsOrganic Haogen Melon

Cucumis Melo

1 gram seed packet contains ~35 seeds, germinates in 7-12 days, 85 days from 2nd set of leaves to fruit.

Translates in Hebrew as 'the anchor', thick med-green flesh tinged salmon around seed cavity, unique flavor, vigorous vines bear 10 or more fruit, 3-5 lb., round melons with smooth skin and no netting, spicy, freezes well.

This muskmelon is named after its native home in Israel, the Haogen kibuttz (a community, where socialism meets zionism). This melon become quite popular in the early 1960's. Developed in Haogen, from seeds that came out of Hungary/southwestern India.


Plant after all danger of frost has passed, and soil temps are at least 70°F. Every 12-24 inches, plant 2-3 seeds 1/2 inch deep. Rows should be spaced 36-48 inches apart. Thin to one plant per 12-24 inches.

Yield are best in Mediterranean type climates with warm weather, and dry, hot summer months. Requires 90°F temp for full maturity. Enjoys well drained soil, and a Ph of 6.0-7.0


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