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Organic Oakleaf Royal Lettuce Seed

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lettuce seedOrganic Oakleaf Royal Lettuce Seed (49 days)


Oakleaf Royal forms well balanced rosettes of deeply lobed sea green leaves. 

Royal is an improved version of the standard oak leaf lettuce. 

The flavor is tender and sweet. 

Oakleaf Royal is particularly know for being long-standing and heat resistant. 

TIP:  When a lettuce says it is heat resistant that means it will last longer in the early summer months and not start to taste bitter or go to seed.  However, doesn't mean you plant it in the summer.  Lettuce is still a cool weather crop that needs to be planted in the early spring or late summer.

Seed Planting Depth

Seeds per gram

Germination Temperature

Days to Germination

Row Spacing

Plant Spacing

100' Row Yield


1/8" 600-800 40-65 2-14 12" 8" 80 lb. Full to Partial

Latuca sativa var.crispa

Planting Tips for Organic Heirloom Lettuce Seeds:

Sow directly into very fertile, loose soil.  Thin down to final spacing once plants are established.  For best results, plant in spring or fall.  Harvest outside leaves for a continual harvest.  For longer harvest, stagger plantings every 2-3 weeks.

Heat Tolerance:  If you are growing lettuce in the heat, plant them where they will get afternoon shade.  Lettuce is a spring and fall crop in really hot areas.

Harvest Tips: For a continual harvest, sow a new crop every 2-3 weeks if cutting full heads, otherwise harvesting outside leaves will encourage a longer harvest from individual plants.

Seeding Rate:

30,000 plants/acre, aproximately 2 oz.



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