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Organic Rutabaga

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Sweeter than a turnip.

Sow Rutabaga seeds 1/2 inch deep, two to four inches apart, in rows 1 1/2 to two feet apart.

Plant for a fall harvest.  Hardy enough to survive minor freezes.

Grow best in rich, well drained soil free of large rocks or hard pan clay. 

Rutabaga do not like heat.  They will become stringy and woody. 

Give rutabagas regular, even water so that roots growing steadily. Do not let the soil dry out. Roots that grow too slowly will be tough. Sporadic watering can cause developing roots to crack.

Rutabagas are ready for harvest 60 to 90 days after sowing. Carefully dig out rutabagas when they are 3 to 5 inches in diameter and tops are about 12 inches tall. Rutabagas can remain in the ground as long as the soil temperature does not dip below 24°F. Mulch roots remaining in the ground.

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