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Organic Sage Herb Seed


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organic sage seedsSalvia officinalis
Organic Sage Herb Seed


250 mg package or about 25 seeds

Sage is a strongly flavored perennial herb.

One of the more important kitchen flavorings like Thanksgiving turkey.

Its commonest use is with strongly flavored meats, but even vegetarians will find many uses for it.

Sage grows 2'-3' in height.  It is a woody and hardy perennial herb. 

Growing Sage:  Sow directly in the garden 1/8 inch deep, in late spring. Thin to 2 feet apart when seedlings are 4 inches tall.  Sage likes full sun.  Morning sun is very important in that it dries the thick furry leaves, preventing fungus.  If you live in a humid climate try putting some gravel underneath the plants.  The rocks hold the heat and slowly release it at night, helping keep the leaves drier.  Sage also appreciates a rich, humus, sandy, well-draining soil.  Water ONLY when dry.  

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