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Schoons hardshell melon

Organic Schoon's Hardshell Melon

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Organic Schoon's Hardshell Melon (88 days)


Schoon's Hard Shell was introduced around 1947 by F.H. Woodruff and Sons of Milford, Connecticut.  

However, it is suspected to be a much earlier descendant of the famous Bender melon.

Was also known as New Yorker Melon or Illinois Hardshell melon.

Schoon's has a very netted, almost ropy-looking shell that is hard, deeply ribbed, and ivory colored when ripe. 

This hard shell is what makes this a great shipper and it is a good keeper, making it a great Farmer's Market melon.

The flesh is sunset-colored, sweet, spicy and aromatic. 

Slips from vine when ready to eat.

Weighs 5-7 pounds.

Extremely vigorous grower.

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