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Organic Shungiku Chrysanthemum


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organic blue lake bean seedOrganic Shungiku Chrysanthemum  

Glebionis coronaria

Package contains 500 mg (~200 seeds)

30-50 days to harvest

This edible chrysanthemum is a multifunctional cool season annual.  The frilly foliage can be eaten raw in salad or used as a braising green.  Plant densely and harvest the main stalks when they are 4-8 inches high, allowing side shoots to regrow for additional harvests.  As plants mature, they will produce a cheery mix of white and creamy or bright yellow flowers that can be used as a garnish or dried for tea.  

Shungiku Chrystanthemum prefers cool temperatures. Sow seeds in late spring/early summer or late summer/early fall. Tolerates partial shade. 



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